Festival Highlights

A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth 1.8 million! Whenever we are invited to festivals, we make short videos so that we can remember the good times and hopefully share some of our joy with people that might want to experience this community for themselves in future! Check out some of our videos below! 

Forró Foundations Presents, Trio Dona Zefa

London, UK - September 2018


Tome Forró Berlin, 6th Anniversary

Berlin, Germany - June 2019


Forró de Colônia, Forró University 2019

Cologne, Germany - October 2019


Forró New Year CH Festival

Vaumarcus, Switzerland - December/ January 2022

Forró Vem Vem, 5th Forró Ao Pé da Serra 

Weggis, Switzerland - June 2019


Forró Fest UK

London, UK - August 2019


Forró Vem Vem, 6th Forró Ao Pé da Serra

Luzern, Switzerland - September 2021


Forró Vinyl Zurich Festival, 2nd Edition

Zurich, Switzerland - March 2022

Check out more videos on our youtube channel

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Forró London Festival

London, UK - April 2022