Forró Foundations is not just another partner dance school, it is a community of friendly individuals of all different walks of life brought together by their passion for dance.  Forró Foundations is known throughout the world as one of the UK's leading Forró dance schools and for arranging quality social events that bring people together.


Our dance teachers represent the ever-evolving spirit of this Brazilian dance and culture. Each class is carefully structured with a balance of individual technique, partner work, guided practice and social dancing.


As well as guest teacher workshops, parties and live music events, we offer regular dance classes every Tuesday in Shoreditch (London) followed by a forró party for all. Classes are for beginners and intermediate levels, so whether it is your first time or you have been dancing for a while, you will feel at home with us. 


So what can you hope to learn from our classes? It’s best to come along and see for yourself, but, in short, Forró Foundations' classes centre around the introduction and further enhancement of basics and footwork, applying these methods to increase dancers’ confidence in their movement and making the overall dance enjoyable, comfortable and exciting for both partners.