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At our events and classes, we always have an amazing group of friendly and welcoming people coming together to enjoy the forró atmosphere. More reviews can be found on our Google Listing, but we've included some here as well. Thank you everyone for your kind words!

I’ve started studying Forró relatively recently, when I met Chinedu and Jonathan I very much felt like their style was what I was looking for in terms of footwork and technique. The classes have been consistently very challenging and yet super enjoyable, they made it in a way that everybody can feel the benefit of what they teach right in the moment, feeling able to dance but at the same time giving a common awareness that a lot more can be added to it and what makes it perfect is in the constant and consistent practice.
They constantly share their passion for dancing to each and everyone of their students. I would definitely recommend their course to anybody is interested or even just curious about it, they’ll do the rest and make you dive in a very nice experience. - 
Giovanni Capuano

Forro foundations is wonderful on so many levels. The teachers truly care about their students improvement and their love of forro is contagious. They create an inclusive and friendly space where people are encouraged to connect and go beyond what they initially thought they were capable of. Learners of all levels quickly feel at ease and everyone's presence is really valued by the teachers. I really recommend forro foundation to explore this beautiful dance. More than just a dance class, it's a chance to be part of a friendly, warm and supportive community. It's a chance to connect with people through movement, to have fun and to feel alive! - Mirielle Pelletier

Great community, and friendly welcoming atmosphere :)

Really well organised weekly Forro classes and parties. Great for those wanting to learn more and develop their dance.... or just relax, let loose and dance the night away! - Gareth Egerton

Amazing forró team providing regular structured and fun weekly classes in a friendly environment and comfortable atmosphere 😍 a real treat to look forward to after a work day! - Injy Khaled

Great event celebrating Brazilian music, with excellent teachers, and a brilliant party - good vibes and positive people only. Focusing on Forro' music, I would highly recommend this weekly event to those who want to meet new people, dance Forro' or learn how to. This is the friendliest couple dance group in town, so do not be shy or lazy, just try to join in! If your Tuesdays deserve better, this is the solution :). - Annalisa Maestri

Chinedu has managed to create the perfect combination of teaching people to dance whilst making friends. The forro community is nothing like I've ever seen. Everyone is so welcoming and genuinely nice so I can't wait for my next class! Definitely recommend! see you there ;) - Crystal Banofee

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